Find your apprenticeship with us!


Out of school, into practice

You want to replace school with practical professional life and would like to have a competent partner at your side? Then Analytik Jena is the right place for you.

We offer a wide range of exciting apprenticeships, both in the technical and commercial areas. You will become part of a motivated team, gain insight into different fields of activity and the best: if you perform well, we would like to take you on even after completing your training. In this way, your former desire for training quickly becomes your desired profession.

That all sounds good, but what exactly can I expect? Find out and apply for an orientation or student internship at Analytik Jena. This is the best opportunity to get to know the professions directly in practice.

Secure your apprenticeship and dual studies now in 2022!


Dual Studies

Are you looking for an alternative to classical training? Would you like to combine theory and practice?

Then a dual course of study at Analytik Jena is the ideal entry into the professional world! A friendly working atmosphere, exciting tasks and an attractive remuneration package from day one are just some of the advantages. A dual course of study at Analytik Jena is therefore not only doubly worthwhile, but also pays off several times with a view to your future. Still unsure? Then just get to know us better during an internship.

Our training offers

  • Industrial clerk
  • Wholesale and foreign trade clerk
  • Warehouse logistics specialist
  • Production mechanic
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Electronics technician for devices and systems
  • Dual Study Program International Business Administration
  • Dual Studies in Industry
  • Dual Studies in Production Engineering
  • Dual Studies in Environmental Engineering
  • Dual Study Program Business Informatics


Our benefits for trainees

Assumption of semester fee for dual students

Book money

Flexible trust-based working time model

Annual training events and trade fair visits

30 days holiday

Canteen on site

Own laptop

Exam preparation with learning platform

We want to get to know you! Have we aroused your interest? Then convince us! We look forward to seeing you.


What our apprentices say

"Takeover agreement before the exams!"

"l particularly like the fact that you have a wide range of tasks and start taking on responsibility at an early age. lnaddition, there is a great atmosphere in the team and you really enjoy your work.Even before my final exam,l alreadyhad my takeover contract in my pocket."

Lukas Thiele, apprenticeship as a merchant for wholesale & foreign trade management

"It never gets boring!"

"lIespecially like the cooperation in my nice team. In addition, every day offers new, varied tasks and it never getsboring."

Eric Becker,Trainee Warehouse Logistics Specialist

"Welcomed with open arms"

"Whatl like best about Analytik Jena is that you are welcomed with open arms by your colleagues and that you havethe opportunity to try things out and master challenging tasks. Here you always have the opportunity to further youreducation and gain new experiences."

Emely Schneider, apprentice industrial clerk

"Departmental run gives good insight into the entire company"

"The departmental run in the 2nd year of apprenticeship gives you a very good insight and overview of many departments and their processes. The experience gained helps me to tackle new tasks more independently and withmore self-confidence, and communication with other colleagues is also facilitated by the knowledge of the individualresponsibilities."

Jennifer Schmidt, apprentice industrial clerk

"our trainees are given real problems"

"Analytik Jena is not a test workshop: our trainees are assigned responsible tasks and real problems relativelyquickly. We regard them as part of our team and thus create good conditions for entering the world of work."

vicktoria Barth, HR Business Partner and Training Manager

"Exciting topics from the first practical phase"

"AIready in my first practical phase l had exciting topics.l was able to optimize processes for key users in the ticketsystem of our ERP system."

Kai Wiechert, Dual Student,Process Controlling

"company run-through combines theory and practice!"

"At Analytik Jena, you quickly take on your own tasks and responsibility. In addition, the company process providesinsights into a wide variety of areas, which combines the theory from the studies well with practice."

Philipp Sauer, Dual Student lndustry, Purchasing

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